sábado, 26 de mayo de 2012

Cold inside

Oh, I know... This is completely off topic, but I do not care today.

You know what my problem with diaries is? That nobody else knows what happens to you. And I-do-not-want-that-now. I want the whole world to know how I feel inside!

Yesterday I was coming back home from a meeting and my mind was so full of ideas, my heart so full of feelings that I could not decide which one to listen to first. I felt like there was some kind of revolution preparing inside of me. And why? Well, let me tell you that.

Seven years ago I felt so sad, so alone even though I was surrounded by so many people. People I have known for a lot of years, closest friends and family. But I could not escape that feeling of loneliness... Then something in my life changed and I was fine and happy again (I am not saying that I am not happy now, because I am; it is just that everything turned out to be so complicated!)

Now that horrible feeling is coming back. Why??? Oh, let us see some hypothesis.

martes, 22 de mayo de 2012

Blogs and Twitter: Do they help us write in different ways?

In every writing process it is important to consider who will read the publication, where it will be published and in which media, beside the specific characteristics of that media, among other things.

Ideas can be express concisely or longer in a blog, but it is also important to remember that there are differences when reading in electronic devices or printed material.

Los blogs y Twitter, ¿nos ayudan a escribir de maneras diferentes?

En todo proceso de escritura debemos tener en cuenta el tipo de público al que va dirigida la publicación, en qué formato va a ser publicado y en qué medio, y las características particulares de ese medio, entre otras cosas.

En el caso de un blog, si bien las ideas pueden expresarse de forma breve o extensa, es importante recordar que la forma de lectura en los soportes electrónicos es diferente de aquella utilizada en el soporte papel.