viernes, 7 de junio de 2013

In the green labyrinth —I found you

I'm always looking for something
—though what it is I don't know—
never finding a thing,
searching, searching,
and so life goes on.

I see the green labyrinth
and I'm heading that way.
Maybe if I take its turns
and go up and down its hills
I'll find you, I'll find you.

Another dead end
—it's always a dead end—
so I go back
and there you are.
I found you, I found you.

I stand there motionless
and words fail me.
I look at you
and you look at me.
I found you, I found you.

We turn around
and together we walk down
trying to find the way out
the green labyrinth where finally
I found you, I found you.

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